Today I was doing some competitor research for one of my clients so I typed “chiropractor” into the Google keyword tool. The first suggested keyword group was “Tucson” so off to Google I go. I changed my location to Tucson, Arizona and typed “chiropractor” (broad match) into the search field and hit enter.  Now at this point I’m just thinking, “lets see what other AdWords managers are writing on the other side of the country.” You can imagine how in awe I was when I got to the 5th ad and realized that 3 out of the top 5 ads are nearly the same. My first thought was “Well maybe AdWords Express does’t let you write your own ad creatives”. So again I took 3 minutes to find out that indeed AE does allow advertisers to create custom ad copy. The only thing I could think was “Fail! I have to post this on twitter for the #ppc twpeople” and then I was sad for the site owners and hoped they aren’t paying someone to “manage” their ads for them with this result. If this is the site owners managing their own Adwords accounts, I highly suggest rewriting your ads or hire a professional so you don’t have to. Anyway have a great Thursday and I hope you enjoyed my first ever Don’