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Hi, I'm Warren Jensen!

Warren Jensen (Complete Marketing Studio) is a top candidate for all of your pay per click needs. Beginning in 2010, when Warren took over the pay per click accounts for a local company and discovered that he was talented in this field, Warren has managed well over one million dollars in clicks for several different organizations. With Warren managing the accounts, the annual costs decreased because he is able to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs of their pay per click advertising. Warren is willing to work individually with his clients to determine their needs, develop a plan, and continually adapt and change to their situation. He is innovative, flexible, and reliable.

When Warren was growing up in the small town of Colton, Oregon, his family purchased their first home computer in the mid 1990’s. With dial-up connection, a full 2 GB of memory space which he knew they would never fill, and 50 free hours of AOL at his disposal, he began to explore life “on the online”. Warren then spent many years exploring his other true love, restaurant management and fine dining. However, in 2010, when offered the opportunity to return to life “on the online”, Warren chose to return to his first love, and he has been saving clients advertising costs ever since. Warren currently practices Pay Per Click (PPC) management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Toledo, Ohio. © 2011-2013 All Rights Reserved.