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Category Archives: Adcenter

Become BingAds Accredited Professional for freeeeeeeee.

For a limited time you can become an adCenter PPC professional for, wait for it…..FREE. You can go here to become adCenter accredited.  Or if you don’t have time you can hire me as your adCenter pay per click manager.  Not sure if you should use BingAds? Check my post on reasons why you should use BingAds.   Good luck,   Warren J.

PPC Agency shows how to create negative keywords

 Create negative keywords in AdWords       I know that hiring a company or individual to manage your PPC isn’t always an available option for some companies. So even if you don’t hire me as your pay per click ads manager here is the one thing you must do if nothing else. Create negative keywords for your AdWords or adCenter campaigns/adgroups. I know some of the readers of this just said “What the heck? I don’t know what a negative keyword is let alone how to fricken create one/some.”  Well, this boils and ghouls, is the reason for this post, I will give a step by step tutorial on how to do this using the AdWords interface.    The first thing you are going to do is log into your AdWords account. Once you are logged into your account you … Read More »

Should I use Bing Ads as part of my PPC advertising efforts?

The short answer to this loaded question is YES you should at the very least try it for a few months to see if it is right for your pay per click needs.  I’m willing to wager that you will use Bing Ads in addition to Google AdWords as part of your long term PPC marketing strategies. And here is an awesome list of reasons why: 1. Lower competition Many advertisers have either tried adCenter (Bing Ads) in the past and weren’t happy with it or have just heard “Nobody uses Bing”. While it may be true that a majority of people use Google, somewhere between 20-35% of search engine users use one of properties that Microsoft uses to serve their ads on., Yahoo etc 2. Your competition is probably not utilizing Bing Ads (adCenter) Chances are that your … Read More » © 2011-2013 All Rights Reserved.