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Monthly Archives: June 2012

EXPEDIT vinyl record storage and my new office.

My new home office and vinyl storage from Warren Jensen on Vimeo. The photo journey through building my 5×5 expedit system.    

Posted in vinyl

PPC Agency Offers Free $100 Google AdWords Coupon

  Generally the highest I see anymore is $75 so I thought I would post this.  Free $100 AdWords coupon when you spend $25 for new accounts. Share this post to facebook and comment below or contact me through one of the forms on this site and I will send you a code to your email. I have over $2,000 in AdWords coupons for new accounts. Do not ask me for a code if you aren’t going to use it. I have given out over $4000 in codes and many people don’t use them.     Warren J.  

Become BingAds Accredited Professional for freeeeeeeee.

For a limited time you can become an adCenter PPC professional for, wait for it…..FREE. You can go here to become adCenter accredited.  Or if you don’t have time you can hire me as your adCenter pay per click manager.  Not sure if you should use BingAds? Check my post on reasons why you should use BingAds.   Good luck,   Warren J. © 2011-2013 All Rights Reserved.